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I help people like you uncover the root causes of their health issues and create a path to optimize their health and well-being.

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Some of the Most Health Common Complaints I've Helped Resolve:

  • Lack of energy / Chronic Fatigue
  • Loss of Libido (sex drive)
  • Weight Gain, especially in the belly
  • Loss of Muscle, Strength, or Bone Density
  • Loss of Memory or Brain Fog
  • Unexplained Muscle Pain
  • Painful Swollen Joints
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Chronic Pain
  • High Cholesterol
  • Insulin Sensitivity
  • Diabetes
  • Gut Issues
  • and a host of other health complaints

It's All in Your Head

  • "There's nothing really wrong with you"
  • "All your labs are normal"
  • "It's just normal aging"
  • "I can give you a pill or shot for that, but you'll have to take it for the rest of your life and it may have some serious side-effects"

Those are common responses from many doctors, and sometimes from friends or family.

Instead of being treated like you don't matter and that the doc knows everything and you know nothing, take control of your health and seek solutions that don't involve Big Pharma

Let's solve your health complaints once and for all by working together to find out the true causes of your health complaints and how to solve them!

Set up a Qualification Call so we can discuss your health history and determine if we can work together to discover the underlying causes and how to help you heal yourself.

No symptom stands alone. Your body is unique and functions holistically. What happens in your gut affects every part of your body. Your thyroid affects your entire body. Stress affects your entire body. Your hormones affect your entire body. Your mental state affects your body and your overall health affects your brain function. What you eat affects every cell in your body!

When you work with me to uncover the root causes of your health issues I will look at what is going on everywhere in your body, not just where the symptoms show up. Symptoms are indicators of underlying dis-ease. Treating symptoms doesn't cure the underlying issue, it only masks them.

As your health consultant I will provide you with personalized, targeted solutions to your health issues. I've worked entrepreneurs, executives, golfers, tennis players, accountants, bankers, real estate agents, IT guys and gals, and more, and helped them achieve improved health and better mental and physical performance.

Your Journey to a Healthy and more active lifestyle Starts Here

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  • Step 3 - Labs

  • Step 4 - R and R

  • Step 5 - The Protocol

  • Step 6 - Ongoing Support

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Book a Qualifying call to make sure we are a good fit to work together

Intentional Health By Design

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You are unique, your health care should be too.

We provide programs designed specifically for you to help you heal yourself

About Your Health Consultant Dave Randolph

Dave is certified as a Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner and has been helping people uncover and heal the root causes of their health issues since 2019. 

He has been a Fitness, Nutrition Coach, and gym owner since 2002. He is also a martial arts instructor, and the author of the Spartan Warrior Workout, The Ultimate Kettlebell Workbook and two other books in the fitness space.

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