My name is Dave Randolph; I’m here to help you get to the root causes of your dis-ease.

  • Do you suffer from constipation, diarrhea, gut issues, unexplained weight, gain rashes, chronic pain, or fatigue?
  • Are your lab results “normal”?
  • Are you being told that there’s nothing wrong with you? Or, it’s all in your head?
  • Are you getting prescriptions that don’t solve your issues and make you feel worse?
  • Are you fed up with not being heard by your doctors?
  • Are frustrated with prescriptions that don’t work and have side effects that require more prescriptions that don’t work and also have side effects…..and on and on

I can help identify and resolve health issues using advanced functional labs and specific blood work. I will design a personalized plan to match your specific health complaints.

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My Experience & Focus

Lab Analysis

I order and analyze the results from blood chemistry, hair, dried urine, and several other functional labs to uncover the hidden causes of your health issues

Protocol Design

I design a custom solution to help you heal yourself. I provide nutrition guidance, information about exercise, and ways to improve sleep and stress reduction. I also provide a list of recommended supplements to help support your body’s healing process


Education is the key to healing yourself. I provide you with the information you need in bite-size chunks, so you learn how to regain your health.

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I’ve always had stomach issues and never considered gut health in conjunction with overall health. It has only been three months since I started your Functional Health Coaching program, but I’ve already lost nine pounds and am getting more defined abs. 

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I am a 60-year-old male, and I have been training with Dave for over two years. I was a personal trainer and nutritionist in the past, and I have gotten fat and out of shape. I was in serious need of a good trainer and serious motivation. Dave is much more than working out; his is a holistic approach to fitness, diet, and overall health. As a business professional, my fitness has improved my energy and concentration at work.

Best kept secret in Louisville!!

– Ken Krapf