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A fresh look at rebuilding your health

This is by far the #1 best thing I have ever done for myself. I know you will feel the same. Choose to be healthy

– Amy Lemley

How I got started on this path

As a fitness professional with over twenty years in the business, I realized that being “in shape” was only a small part of being healthy.

I studied and became certified as a Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner to better serve my clients. The FDN program taught me to uncover the root causes of my client’s health issues, including their inability to lose weight regardless of how they ate or how much they worked out.

I learned how to interpret blood chemistry and functional labs, take that data, and match it with clients’ health complaints. The program also taught me how to build protocols using that data so that each person could heal themselves with a system designed for them.

No cookie-cutter approach.

We are all metabolically unique, and each of us requires unique self-healing methods.

Diet / Nutrition – Specific to you and your health issues

Improving Sleep

Integrating exercise or modifying your current training

Methods to reduce stress

Smart Supplementation to support the healing process. Based on your needs

Helping Others

A big part of my decision to get into functional health coaching was my wife, Cheryl. After being exposed to mold in a townhome we lived in from 2010-2013 she started having health issues. The doctors all said there was nothing wrong, but we eventually found she had a thyroid issue.

We have always eaten clean, organic, very little fast food, but she kept gaining weight no matter what we did. She also started experiencing a lot of pain throughout her body. The doctors wouldn’t do much beyond prescribing drugs for the pain and putting her on a synthetic thyroid med.

We did some research and found that she really needed a natural thyroid that had both T4 and T3 in it. That helped with some of her health issues, like hair loss, but did nothing for the pain or weight gain.

As she went into menopause, we found her estrogen, testosterone, and progesterone were also out of range, so we consulted with a nurse practitioner for support in that area.
After I completed the FDN course, I ran some labs on her and found that she still had mold issues, high levels of inflammation, and auto-immune problems. We modified her diet and ensured we were mold-free in our home. I had her start on supplements to support her liver, kidneys, and the natural detoxification process. After several months she began to feel better with less pain. I added a few more supplements to support her body, and the inflammation further came down even more, and so did her weight.

It took about a year, but then the weight loss kicked in, and she’s dropped 35 pounds in the last 4 or 5 months.

Healing yourself is a journey, it won’t happen overnight. Typically, the longer your health struggles, the longer the healing process. Some issues like mold or Lyme disease can take many years and may never completely resolve, but the symptoms will become minimal.

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