How it Works

Are you ready to rebuild your health and vitality

My 5-phase approach to uncovering the hidden causes of your health complaints uses lab data and the detailed questionnaires you complete to give me the information I need to formulate your action plan.
I then give you the support and accountability you need to follow the plan and rebuild your health.

In-depth Intake Process

My intake process is designed to dig deep into your health history so I know what you have dealt with in the past and what you are contending with now.

You will receive several intake forms to fill out, covering your current and past health issues, what supplements and prescriptions you are on, and your most pressing health complaints.

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The labs I order are based on your intake forms. I typically start with an extensive set of blood chemistry labs.

Depending on what I see in those labs, I may have you run some functional labs, such as the DUTCH, which examines sex hormones, cortisol levels, and neurotransmitters. I may also run labs to examine your gut health and mold exposure, again based on your primary health complaints and intake forms.

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Building Your Plan

Once I have the lab data, I will analyze them and correlate them with each other and with your intake responses. This process is very time-consuming and requires a lot of research, which can take 6 to 8 hours or more.

Once I have analyzed the data, I will put together a plan of action that specifically addresses your health complaints. This plan will involve nutrition guidance, exercise recommendations, steps to reduce stress, and improvements in sleep.

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We will meet several times to review the results, their meaning, and the protocol I designed for you.

Multiple meetings are necessary because the depth of the information is overwhelming. Small chunks of information will help you understand.

We’ll review the protocol so you understand what you need to do to rebuild your health. Typically, the protocol will last three to four months. During this time, we’ll meet to discuss how you are doing and make adjustments where necessary.

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Throughout the program, I will be available to you during working hours via text, email, etc. Typical response times are 12-18 hours. I cannot guarantee instantaneous responses because I have many clients, and some answers require research.

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