How and Why FDN Works


Dave Randolph

Your body is a phenomenal orchestration of processes involving cells, tissues, organs, systems, fluids, gases, chemistry and energy.

Your body has a built-in operating system that each cell, tissue, and organ uses to communicate with every other part of the body. This is an intricate system with built-in checks and balances designed to keep your body functioning harmoniously.

Many things can disrupt this balance (homeostasis), but your body will do what it can to regain it. Over time, your body will not be able to keep up and systems will start to break down, cause distress, and eventually illness. As this goes on more symptoms will show up, existing symptoms will get worse, and your innate vitality will be diminished.

With all the stressors we all live with everyday it is no wonder so many people feel poorly all the time. Work stress, money stress, relationship stress, poor diet (junk food causes all kinds of stress), environmental (exposure to smoke, heavy metals, pollution among others), the effects of electromagnetic radiation (EMF) and the blue light emitted by computers and phones all wreak havoc on our body’s operating system. Stress is the number one cause of illness today. It is everywhere, all the time. Your body will try as hard as it can to cope but at some point it will fail.

The foundation of Functional Diagnostic Nutrition (FDN) is to find healing opportunities by taking careful histories and correlating them with the results from well-chosen labs. This approach has proven to be very beneficial, even though it is always proven by hindsight. It relies on non-specific findings to fashion a very individualized solution. This process of applying wellness principles and exploring individual limitations leads us on a journey of ever deepening insights about individual obstacles to health and opportunities for overcoming those obstacles. The honest pursuit of these healing opportunities and creatively working towards their resolution is the basis upon which FDN works.

We approach healing as a learning experience for you and me. We don’t go after symptoms and don’t treat lab results, we don’t diagnose. We get a good idea of what is happening and help the body heal itself using the 5 pillars of FDN – Diet, Rest, Exercise, Stress Reduction, Supplementation (DRESS).

FDN has helped heal thousands of people worldwide, we can help you too.