Sick Care or Self-Care

Sick Care The medical industry is deeply flawed. They are in the business of making money and only indirectly care about your health. That’s not to say doctors and nurses aren’t there to help you get better, they are. The corporations they work for, independent doctors are rare these days, are all about profit. Keeping … Read More

What is Integrative Medicine

What is Integrative Medicine? Integrative Medicine approaches your health from a different perspective than your Primary Care Physician. In most cases, you get sick or have an ongoing issue so you see your PCP. He writes you a prescription and you go on your way. A few weeks or a month later you are still … Read More

Why We Don’t Take Insurance

Have you be wondering “Will my insurance cover any of your Integrative Medicine services, labs or prescriptions?” My short answer is: “Well, it depends on the kind of insurance you have. We don’t take insurance for the reasons listed below, so you have to pay for our services like any other personal service or product … Read More