Can’t Lose Weight? It may not be your diet


Dave Randolph

Struggling to lose weight? You've tried every diet there is and stuck with it but nothing worked? 

It may be more than what you are eating that is keeping the weight on.

Belly Fat isn't just about what you eat or how much. Fat is also a protective mechanism against toxins in the body. Your body stores toxins in fat to protect itself. If the fat is reduced the toxins will be released into the bloodstream and can cause many subtle and not so subtle health issues.


Where do these toxins come from? The environment; pollution, chemicals, and metals that you may be exposed to at work. Toxic chemicals in your soap, shampoo, deodorant, and other personal care products including make-up. Pesticides and herbicides in the food you eat. Toxins that your body produces in response to the food you may be sensitive to and not know it. All of these affect your body and will cause many health issues. So your body creates fat stores and stashes the toxins in the fat.

The toxins cause inflammation which causes your body to increase its fat stores. The more toxins you are exposed to the more fat you will build and the harder it will be to get rid of.

Your Body's Detox Organs

The liver, kidneys, and skin are the organs primarily involved in the breakdown and elimination of toxins. If they aren't functioning properly due to a lack of nutrients, parasites, mold, etc. they will not be able to remove the toxins and the body will push into your fat stores, increasing the fat as needed to hold all the toxins

If you are constipated your body will not be able to efficiently remove the toxins from your body.

If you don't remove the toxins from your environment and continue to eat toxin-laden foods you will keep gaining fat. In addition, more fat and toxins increase inflammation which in turn causes an increase in fat, increases stress hormones, and decreases sex and thyroid hormones 😞


Glutathione is a powerful antioxidant and is involved in many processes in the body including helping the mitochondria produce energy. Low levels mean your body can't produce as much energy (tired, lethargic, etc.) which means more of what you eat is stored as fat instead of being burned for energy.

Insulin resistance 

The increase in body fat leads to the body's inability to utilize insulin. Insulin pulls excess glucose out of the blood. But the more fat you have the more insulin is needed which eventually leads to Type 2 Diabetes. Eating a lot of starchy carbs increases insulin resistance as well, exacerbating the problems.

How to Decrease Your Toxic Load and Reduce Bodyfat
Boost Glutathione

Eat foods rich in sulfur; organic grass-fed red meat, wild salmon, pastured eggs, chicken and lamb, almonds, Brazil nuts, broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower, asparagus, onions, mushrooms, and spinach. High Quality Pastured Whey Protein is one of the best ways to increase glutathione. N-Acetyl Cysteine (NAC) is also a great way to support glutathione levels

Decrease starchy, and especially, processed carbs

Starchy carbs like rice and potatoes can be eaten once in a while, but eating them every day when you are already having health issues will keep you toxic and fat.

Replace the starchy carbs with healthy fats. such as avocados, fattier cuts of pastured meats and poultry, and oils such as olive (in dark glass, without added seed oils), coconut, and avocado oil.  This will cut your carb cravings, and leave you feeling fuller longer, and less bloated.

lose weight

It can be hard to tell if you've been exposed to toxins, but almost everyone has. If you've worked on a farm, in a factory, work as an electrician or plumber, or live in a city with a lot of pollution, you've been exposed. Even worse most personal care products like makeup, deodorant, shampoo, and soap are laden with chemicals that are toxic.

These toxins are insidious. While very small amounts won't usually cause an issue, daily exposure to them will lead to a build-up of those toxins in your fat leading to many health issues and preventing you from losing weight.

Take a look at the links below to find out more about cleaners and personal care products.

EWG Guide to Safe Cleaners

EWG Guide to Safer Personal Care Products

Water filters to get rid of the toxins in water including fluoride, mercury, and the medications that people have dumped into the toilet

Berkey Water Filters

Using HEPA filters will cut down on airborne toxins

AirDoctor Air Cleaner


By changing your personal care products, cleansers, and other environmental toxins, eating organic foods, and pastured meats, reducing starchy carbs, including grains, and getting some moderate exercise you will begin to reduce the toxic load in your system ad thereby lose fat

There are many things that can cause inflammation. Food sensitivities (not full allergies), parasites, bacteria, and Candida overgrowth in the gut. Hormone imbalances can lead to estrogen dominance which will also cause fat gain and inflammation.

Getting 8 hours or so of good sleep will also help reduce inflammation, as will reducing stress. 

All the above will help reduce inflammation, but determining the actual cause(s) of inflammation requires some testing. Throwing supplements at inflammation won't work and can actually backfire because you don't really know the root cause. The only way to know is to do lab testing. The problem is most doctors don't know what tests to order much less what to look for and will give you a prescription for symptoms and never look for the underlying causes.

If you are ready to find the underlying causes of your inability to lose fat and reduce inflammation set up a free 30-minute discovery call