Blood Work Analysis


Have recent labs from elsewhere and want a 2nd opinion? Order this, and we’ll have you send your 2 most recent labs

Make Sense of My Existing Blood Work

We'll analyze the results of your two most recent blood tests.


STEP 1: Send us your two most recent blood tests

STEP 2: A blood work analysis expert will analyze the results of both tests

STEP 3: You’ll be sent the following documents:

    STEP 3-1: A LabSmarts analysis report for each test

    STEP 3-2: A LabSmarts test comparison report indicating improvement or decline in each marker

    STEP 3-3: A detailed summary of findings with recommendations and next steps

STEP 4: Add-on either a 60-minute or 30-minute video review session with the blood work analysis expert who reviewed your results (see below)