July 7

Centrum – A good multi-vitamin or a waste of money



Natural health products are very popular nowadays, especially multivitamins. The downfall of having supplements readily available at the local grocer or online is that many people think that they can self-prescribe correctly.

I often hear people say that a “natural health product didn’t work for me.” With further investigation, I find out that they did not take the product at the right time or in the correct dosage or form for their body type. Or, they chose a poor quality product.

Many people believe that since these products are so accessible and don’t require a prescription, they must be simple to use. This couldn’t be further from the truth. I have spent countless hours studying which supplements are the best. Also, when I put a personalized nutritional protocol together for a client, it takes me about ten hours of research before I make a single recommendation of what to take.


Centrum Multivitamins: Chemical Cocktail or Health Product?

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